Impress Those Around You with Your Modern Charging Abilities

Ever been out and about only to find that you couldn’t find a place to plug your wall charger into? In today’s day and age, it’s a common problem. Whether you’re out at the mall, caught without your charger/adapter in the car on the way home, or you just want to show off how awesome you are, your wireless chargers can do the trick.

Drop your phone on the wireless charger dock, and you’ll be getting ready to go in no time. These are optimal for hotel stays, when you attend conventions (we both know if you sit down against the wall, you’re not getting back up), and extended trips. If one of your friends or your parents have forgotten their chargers, they won’t have to pay ridiculous prices for cords at the gas station counter.

You might even find yourself out on the town or coming home from work, and realize that, not only did you forget your wireless charging dock, but you’ve got a one or two hour commute home on the train or bus. That’s going to be a nightmare without music on your phone or your favorite books on your tablet. That’s where a smart backpack comes into play.

Designed with you in mind, these backpacks are optimal for every single need you can imagine. Spending the night unexpectedly? Backpack. Spontaneous daytrip with one of your friends? Backpack. Life doesn’t always bench on the side of the expected, so you have to be ready to go with the flow. Charging wirelessly and on-the-go with a smart backpack is the ultimate way to be ready. We’re hooked on our phones and we absolutely need the internet for things like checking our balance, staying connected on social media, and having our phones ready for emergencies. Don’t be on the wrong side of the tracks when your battery’s blinking.