Planning a Trip to the Island of the Gods

Also named “Paradise Island,” Bali is the place you want to visit at least once in your life. This is especially true for the spiritual people and massage lovers. Bali is known to have some of the best massage masters on the entire planet, and fascinating culture, beautiful scenery and beaches and the warmest of welcomes from the local population. If you have not had yet a vacation in the great island, it’s time for you to book your flight.

Here’s a run down of some great activities and things to do on your Bali holiday.

Enjoy a Relaxing Spa Experience.

In a salon Bali you’ll feel spoiled like never before. In AMO Spa you will find all you need – They include full-range treatments covering hair, nail, beauty, and massage treatments. Here you can relax and forget all your worries, while the experts take care of treating you the best way possible. Imagine getting a massage while listening to the soothing music. How good does that sound? This magical place was created by ex-model, actress and New York-based entrepreneur Navia Nguyen who has more than 8 years of experience providing the best spa experiences on the island, so when you step in, you know you’ll be in good hands! Just book your appointment and be prepared for one of the most relaxing experiences of your life.

Go on a Quad Biking ATV Adventure

Look to feel the thrill of adventure and adrenaline? Go for an ATV Bali Bike tours with the best team you can find when it comes to guiding you through this experience. Imagine not only getting a true taste of Bali’s unexplored places, but also seeing the best of it while riding the ATV: stunning rice paddies, amazing beaches, ancient temples and small villages with friendly locals. The guys from Bali Island ATV have it all prepared for you, all you have to do is book your tour and you can be sure an experience you’ll never forget.

Stay in Bali Villa

A 3 bedroom villa Seminyak is the ideal accommodation when you’re traveling as a group of six friends or a big family. With plenty of space and places to relax, everyone has their own privacy. There are numerous options available, yet we know the best one for you – Hu’s Villas. Located in Seminyak – the place that has it all, Huu Villas has more to offer than you’d expect! Huge beds, huge TV and plenty of space to relax, including a private pool, making this the place where you can enjoy both privacy and amazing quality time with your group.

If travelling with just a few friends, a 2 bedroom villa Seminyak will be just enough! If you are looking online at all the possibilities and everything looks too good to be true, let the experts from Bali Villas and More help you. Their database includes all the top notch places with good reviews, so you know that your selected option will be the best one for you. All you’ll have to do is provide them with your basic requirements for your booking, and they’ll take care of it.

Try one of the Best Restaurants in Bali

When in comes to Restaurants Seminyak, you’ll find a huge variety and many are found in the trendy region of Petitenget. Some offer impressive sunset views and beachfront settings, offers romantic and cozy interiors, or views of the rice paddies. Sea Vu Play is a bar and restaurant that has a laid back fun vibe. This is a nautical spot to enjoy international dining, drinking, live sports action, and Seminyak’s biggest weekly parties. Imagine this – its ambiance makes it the perfect place to hangout, relax and chill, and you can even start dancing when the DJ’s bring up their best tunes.

Go Trekking

Mount Batur trekking is the most popular trekking activities that you can do in Bali. While it’s no simple stroll in the park, it is achievable for anyone who’s relatively fit, and a sunrise tour will leave you with memories of stunning scenery that will last a lifetime.  Bali Tours and More can help you arrange your Mount Batur trek, and a whole range of other tours and activities. You can book online, meaning arranging your holiday activities has never been easier.

Visit the Gili Islands!

Next to Bali you will find three hidden treasures, amazing small islands that will provide you with an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. The Patagonia Xpress offers the best way to reach the Gili Islands. This Gili boat can accommodate as many as 174 passengers, providing a luxurious trip to one of these amazing places or to all of them, depending on your wish! You just have to book your Gili boat and you’ll get there in no time! Once you’re there enjoy the golden sand beaches backed by palm trees, and swimming in the warm waters rich in marine life. And don’t forget to take your smart phone, because you’re going to be wanting to Instagram like crazy when you’re there!

Stay in a Luxury Hotel.

Everyone knows Bali is the place where you can taste the luxury life for almost nothing! Imagine yourself by the pool, with an amazing drink in your hands, while watching the landscape from the edge of an infinity pool. It sounds ideal and it can be true in Bali, without spending a fortune. When it comes to luxury hotels Bali, Bali Hotels and More have the perfect database for you that includes the best hotels in and out of Bali, a perfect selection that will match your preferences and budget. All you’ll have to do is select your preferred dates and budget options, and they’ll come with the place of your dreams in no time. Turn this experience into amazing memories that will last a lifetime and don’t stress roaming through the infinity of options you can find online!